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What Makes Us Different

The reasons Ukraine continues to stand and endure against the tyranny of a (so called) “superpower” have to do with the dignity, integrity, strength and perseverance of its people.Qualities that we feel are found in our charitable organization, Foundation for United Nations SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) and its official branch on the ground in Ukraine - FFUN SDG-Help UA. Here are some differences between us and other charitable organizations inside or outside of Ukraine:
1) We are sanctioned by the Foundation for United Nations SDG. We respect the principles of UN, even if we are not funded by them. We are fully accountable to the Foundation for United Nations SDG. 
2) Our staff work with passion and purpose, not for pay. We are Volunteers; many of the team are themselves Internally Displaced People (IDPs), having joined us after fleeing war zones in Ukraine. Our team members receive no salaries or any percentage from donations - so we are fully non-profit and voluntary.
3) All aid that we receive and deliver is documented with photos, videos (all available on our SiteInstagramFacebookYoutube), and monthly accounting reports. This documentation is done in accordance with the Foundation for United Nations SDG protocols, and is delivered to the Foundation for United Nations SDG head office. Monthly reports are also open to the public and listed on our site under The Impact of Your Donations.
4) While there are other worthy organizations conducting their humanitarian work from neighboring countries, or exclusively at Ukraine’s western border, we go to ‘Ground Zero’ - to the very front - and deliver where risks are high. The people we serve in these war zones include the elderly, children, families with multiple kids, special needs children and disabled (including psychological needs), orphans, people who have lost their homes, hospitals and medics at the front, plus areas where winter weather increases the need for generators and power stations. We provide care for abandoned and wounded pets. We also rescue civilians who have been wounded - even tortured - by Russian troops (in areas such as Azovstal Mariupol, Borodianka, Bucha, Makariv, Donetsk region, etc).
5) We offer to all IDPs a haven at our base - which is the safest area still in Ukraine in the Carpathian Mountains. Here they receive housing with medical service, three daily meals, and schooling for kids - all for free! The IDPs we shelter (officially more than 5,000) can also come to our storage warehouse and get all the supplies they need: specialized baby food, clothing, hygiene, medicine, and more.These are the qualities that make us… US! The Ukrainian people we have helped, the civilians we support at the front lines – they are our witnesses.

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