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Delivered urgent need to war-torn regions and army bases

Delivered and received by our FFUN SDG-HELP.UA team and on its way to the locations with urgent need - Kharkiv, Kherson, Kyiv region, Chernigiv, Odesa, and army bases! Thank you our Spanish friends for your amazing help for our True Heroes! Special thanks to NoTardes_LaFelipa and Juan Ramón Machín García and Taco! Special thanks to our Romanian team Alexandru, Andy, and Adriana Curmei as well as to all local authorities of the Zakarpattia region and Solotvyno Customs! You all are True Heroes! Together we will WIN! Our FFUN SDG -HELP.UA team is here for everyone who wants to help, we will deliver to all cut of regions of Ukraine and we will be here till the victorious end! We already Won!#standwithukraine



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