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Our FFUN SDG-Help UA team is so proud to be part of the Emmys / Television Academy! We Won an Emmy Award!

We congratulate our FFUN SDG-Help UA team member and representative David Van Hooser and an ABC WKRN News 2 anchor Bob Mueller with the Emmy Award winning show featuring our FFUN SDG-Help UA Humanitarian Team Work in Ukraine on the ground, during the War! 


Watch the full award-winning show here: 


Watch the Emmy show announcement:


It means so much to us all. Special gratitude to all our amazing Team members, who make the impossible possible daily - you All Rock! Gratitude to our incredible Ambassadors of Light:  Charles Wessler, Olena Gnes, and Maryna Marchenko, and the FFUN SDG Kyiv and EU headquarters team - this Emmy Award goes to all our joined Humanitarian efforts! We still believe that each one of us can be a SuperHero and can truly Make a Difference - and it would take just One Person, One Organization, One Company - to Save Thousands and to Help Us FFUN SDG-Help UA to Continue on Helping. JOIN & MAKE A DIFFERENCE NOW!

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