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6-year old Artem survived the bombing of Kyiv record his message for the world

When visiting refugees whom we help to accommodate with Humanitarian aid, food, and medicine - our FFUN SDG-HELP UA team was asked by a 6-year-old Artem, who has survived the bombing of Kyiv with his 7-month pregnant mother and brother, to record this message for the World. -“I ask you to stop the war so that bombs and attacks would never happen again! I ask the USA to stop Russians from killing us! They can stop them! I still hear the horrible sound of shelling and bombs in my ears, it’s a sound I shall never forget... when leaving the house I took my teddybear and my toy gun in order to protect my pregnant mother.” Such pleas shake us to the core... I hope the West is watching this... this could be your son, your child, sounds of bombs, and shelling of your cities... Wake Up and Act Now!!! #standwithukraine



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