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Our team and numerous volunteers raised and delivered some 40 tons

Our FFUN SDG-HELP UA team along with numerous volunteers has successfully raised and delivered some 40 tons of Humanitarian Aid, food, and medicine to the following destination in dire need of help: to Neurosurgery for children, to Warehouse to provide aid to nursing homes, orphanages, and socially vulnerable in Kyiv, to 206 battalion 5th company and to the territorial defense of the Solomensky district to Kyiv - all of it was successfully delivered and is already saving lives! Thanks to all who have donated and are donating both with funds for gas as well as with Humanitarian aid, thanks to all who help us to make these deliveries possible, our volunteers, Adriana Curmei, the Sighetu-Solotvyno customs, and Zakarpattia regional authorities! You all are - True Heroes! Together we will prevail! #standwithukraine



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